Celebrate Yorkshire Day at the Maurice Dobson Museum

Come and celebrate Yorkshire Day at the Maurice Dobson Museum! We’re holding a special weekend event on Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August 2021, and would love you to join us.

Our museum will be open to visitors, and of course the tearoom will be will be open throughout the day serving Yorkshire produce, and our fabulous cakes.

The museum will open at 10am on both days, and we have a special feature event planned for each day.

Yorkshire Day Maurice Dobson Museum and Heritage Centre, Darfield
Celebrating Yorkshire Day 2021

Celebrate Yorkshire Day at the Maurice Dobson Museum: Our events

Saturday 31st July
At 11am on Yorkshire Day Eve, join Ian McMillan in a Yorkshire Pudding Throw in the alley at the side of Darfield Museum. Not heard of the Yorkshire Pudding Throw before? Neither had we until we came across these old notes on the former tradition:

On the 31st of July 1877 Thomas Snape, a self-styled poet from Darfield, had cooked a Yorkshire Pudding for his sister Thomasina for her dinner. She forgot that he had cooked it for her and didn’t turn up; he was so angry that he went to the door of his house and flung the pudding into the street where it landed on Thomasina who was walking by wearing, as was her habit, their late dad’s flat cap.

They had a good laugh about it and decided that, every year on the 31st of July they would throw a Yorkshire Pudding into the street. This soon caught on and by 1882 every household in Darfield was taking part in the Throw. Sadly during the 20th century the tradition dwindled so now, at Darfield Museum, we think it’s time to revive it.

So, come along and take part and see if you can land your pudding on the flat cap provided! Puddings will be provided; just bring along your strength and accuracy. No gravy needed!

Sunday 1st August
Happy Yorkshire Day! Our doors open at 10am, and our  main feature will begin at 10:30 with music from the fantastic U3A brass band!

Afternoon tea

As always our wonderful volunteers will be on hand serving teas and coffees in our tearoom. Don’t forget that you can book afternoon teas for yourself and your family or friends. Simply call us on 01226 754 593 to make your booking.

We can’t wait for you to celebrate Yorkshire Day at the Maurice Dobson Museum with us.

To end today’s post, it was only fitting that we share Thomas Snape’s ‘O the ode to the pudding’ – enjoy!


By Thomas Snape from Darfield, 1875.

O Yorkshire pudding you are the best!

O when I eat you I am blessed!

O you make me swell my chest

With glee!

O when I mix you I take time!

O you are like the perfect rhyme!

O you are a circle so sublime

To me!

O Yorkshire Pudding more than food!

O pounding round me like my blood!

O splashing round inside a gravy


O let us praise this gourmet treat!

O it makes our lives complete

O don’t just eat one, eat


Ode to the pudding supplied by Ian McMillan.

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Celebrate Yorkshire Day at the Maurice Dobson Museum